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How To Wake Up Early - The Del Method

How To Wake Up Early - The Del Method


Get Your Butt Out Of Bed!

Two years out of college and I still think the hardest thing to get use to is waking up early and not being a zombie the entire day at work. Anyone else with me? The past few months I worked hard to try and challenge myself and create a routine that I could stick with, without having to do some ridiculous tactics that I’ve read from other sources would help. Aka do 20 minutes of yoga, eat a full breakfast, drink five cups of coffee while standing on your head, and do 25 push-ups. Okay maybe I’m being a little over dramatic but I always read these articles telling me what works and what doesn’t. It all seems so time consuming, and most of the time I just don't have enough time. 

Mel Here: Okay Del, you know I NEED this. I am the queen of hitting snooze. It never works in my favor. I either forget something, run out the door without my keys, or I'm just plain late! As many of you know that part of my New Years Resolution was to be more organized! I'm ready gfriend- give me the deets! 

Alright Mel, Let's go! So what was my overall goal besides just waking up early? I made a commitment to get to work at or before 8 AM everyday. This was my motivation to create a routine every morning when I first got out of bed. To my surprise, I loved it! So what are my secrets? Okay they are not really secrets, but they did work for me so I am sharing them with you now. Promise they are not that hard, and I KNOW they will work for you too.

  1. Don’t snooze your darn alarm! This one can be difficult, and I’ll be honest, some days I do hit the snooze, but if you want to get your booty out of bed and not be sleepy at work, you have to resist. Why? When you set several alarms to wake you up you are already setting up your mind to think you’ll be sleeping in. (NUTS! I DO THIS ALLL THE TIME! -Mel) And when you wake up to snooze your alarm and keep going back to “sleep” for 8 minutes at a time, you will be tired for the rest of the day.
  2. Jump in the shower if you’re feeling like you’re already dragging. I usually wash my hair at night every 2-3 days (good for the hair oils ladies!) and so doing a quick 5 minute body wash in the AM is easy and gives you a great wake up!
  3. Eat something but it doesn’t have to be a whole breakfast buffet for goodness sake! Make some hard boiled eggs (Don’t forget yo Franks Hot Sauce) for the week or some yummy paleo blueberry muffins (killer recipe to come)! Breakfast should be an easy grab and go meal for you.
  4. Turn on some music or a Netflix show you can have on in the background. This helps, just believe me.
  5. Pick out your clothes the night before! Even if this is just thinking in your head what you might want to wear. I do this often. We all have those days we are throwing clothes all over our floor looking for those jeans you were thinking about and now can't find. Planning ahead should prevent this from happening! 


As I began to do this routine each day more and more I was starting to get to work before most people. It gave me the chance to tackle my inbox before I dive into my actual responsibilities everyday. This reason alone gives me the motivation to skip the snooze for the day. I hate being behind on emails, and throughout the day they don’t stop coming in! I sip on my tea  (yes tea, I don’t drink coffee during the week), and enjoy the quiet throughout the office before the storm. 


Like I said before, some days you just gotta say “Hell No” and hit that snooze. But I promise if you keep up with this, you will start to see a difference in how you feel throughout the day! Who doesn’t want to conquer their emails when no one is bothering them and not feel like you need a nap around 3 p.m. everyday?

What about working out before work? Yeah nope. Not there yet, nor do I think I ever will be. But hey, maybe check back in later on down the road to see if I added that to my morning To Do List!

Good Vibes and No More Snooze,

Mel and Del

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