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Valentine's Day Done Right

Valentine's Day Done Right


Valentine's Day Date Ideas

There is a lot of pressure surrounding Valentines day.  Either you feel shitty cause you don’t have a lover or you are caught up in the typical movie and TV false reality of what the day is “suppose” to consist of that you actually don’t enjoy what you are doing for the day. Let’s take some pressure off and just enjoy the hell outta this Valentine’s day ladies! We are firm believers in showing your love for family, best friends, and significant others on any old random day! So even though this post is directed towards Valentine’s Day feel free to use these ideas any day of the year.


  • Balling on a budget? Don’t worry date night in can be just as fun as going out! Pick a yummy recipe to make together, light some candles, and grab a bottle of wine! Nix the netflix for this one though. Enjoy some quality time together talking! Not sure what to make? Here are a few of our faves right now, and some of our favorite red wines are Memoi, Epicuro Nero D’avola ($6 at Trader Joes), and Dreaming Tree
  • Ready for a fun night out on the town? Try indoor go karting, rock climbing, or laser tag! You two will probably work up an appetite and we think a burger would top the night off just right. Favorite Burger places in Indy: Bru Burger, Burger Haus, and 317 Burger. Favorite burgers in Denver: Park Burger, Cherry Cricket, and Highland Tap and Burger Outfit Ideas for a night with Bae:  MelandDel
  • Try something new together! Sometimes life becomes routine and ya just need something new! When Nate and I moved out to Denver, we picked up skiing together and now it’s something we do almost every weekend! Lots of funny falls and encouragement when both of us acquire new skills on the slopes! As for Mike and I, we recently decided to go swimming with some Beluga Whales at the Shedd in Chicago! I don't know about you,but we definitely don't swim with whales everyday. Not only was it one of the coolest experiences, we made a new friend (see my homeboy Whaley below) and we got some bomb photos out of it.  MelandDel GALENTINES
  • Cocktail night in with some classic movies! The older we get, the more appealing drinking in our jammies in our besties’ apartment sounds. Pick out some fun cocktail recipes on pinterest -- Mel’s pick: Grapefruit and Sage Champagne Cocktails. Del’s pick: Vodka Pear Lavender Lemonade and get to mixing! Our Movie Picks: Pretty Woman or How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days. 
  • Wine and Canvas Night! There’s nothing like getting crafty and drinking. 9 times out of 10 your picture won’t turn out like the example, but the memories will be hilarious!
  • GO OUT! Sometimes you just need to dance the night away with your girlfriends and Titos! Let your hair down girl and get wild! Mel’s Pick: Lately I have really been loving karaoke; it never disappoints. Del’s Pick: Go check out 50 Shades Freed and sneak that bottle of wine in with your swell bottle (My roommate and I will be doing this, stay tuned for insta stories).

    Rock Lobster


  • Hey you might even find yourself alone on valentines day. So what who cares? Mel here: I just moved to a new city and I definitely find myself doing things alone. This isn’t a bad thing! My mom always told me, “If you can’t be your own friend, whos’ friend can you be?” Not gonna lie- this is something she would say that would drive me nuts. “Mooommm that makes no sense.” (say in a whiney teenager voice). Now that I’m older and wiser (debatable HA!) I definitely understand this. As an adult you gotta be okay with just doing your own thing. Go buy yourself a new pair of shoes, get a facial, cook some yummy treats and just TREAT YOSELF girrrll!MelandDel You can make your Valentine's Day anything you want it to be. It doesn’t have to be the red roses and expensive dinner or it can be! It’s whatever makes you happiest! The most important part about Valentine's Day is just showing the ones you love how much you love them. Don't forget to show yourself some love too, because you are awesome! Good Vibes and XOXO, Mel and Del
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