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Striped Romper: All Seasons Fashion

Striped Romper: All Seasons Fashion


Striped Romper

Spring break coming soon? Or just a warm vacation spot? Or maybe it’s still freezing where you are! Who cares! We have just the perfect outfit for you that you can wear to any of the above locations or situations. We have said this before: A romper is a lazy girl’s best friend! Not that we are lazy (okay maybe most mornings), but we love a good piece that can make us look effortlessly put together. THIS. IS. IT!

Delanie rocked this one on vacation at Pine Island, FL. You can pretty much smell the coconut sunscreen and salty air in these pics of Del! It also a great fabric that WON’T stick to you in warmer, sunnier weather. Pair it with some bare feet and you are set!


Mel layered the romper with a bell sleeve shirt with a funky cut out back! Taking this romper from the sunny warmth of Florida to the breezy temps in Denver. The straps on the romper are adjustable too! Mel here: Maybe my shoulders are just weird, but sometimes I have a hard time being fitted enough throughout my shoulders. There was no problem here because I could adjust to my heart’s ( or shoulder’s) content!



  • Boys overall opinion on a romper: “Confusing but looks comfy. We approve”
  • Great transition piece from summer to fall to spring
  • The adjustable straps are everything! Make it as loose or tight as you want girl
  • Have to hand wash or dry clean, but you can get away with wearing this a few times if you don’t spill any Titos on it at the bar


Get this romper now: That’s right the romper is still in stock! Check it out here! It looks like only size 8 and 10 are left which is perfect if that’s what you wear! But incase you don’t… Here are a few other options!

Urban 1

Urban 2

Urban 3

Forever21 1

Forever21 2

FreePeople 1

FreePeople 2

Good Vibes and Romper Dancing,

Mel and Del

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