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Project Come Back! Health, Fitness, and Life Goals

Project Come Back! Health, Fitness, and Life Goals


Project come back! Health, Fitness, and Life Goals

There is 8 weeks (probably a little less when this is posted) till Memorial Day weekend as I’m typing this out right now and you know what that means? Bathing suits. And you know what I thought to myself the other day? I would die putting on a bikini right now. Hear me out please.

Okay I would not die, but I would not feel comfortable. It’s not because I don’t love my body; I do love my body and appreciate all the wonderful things my body can do! It’s because I have gotten very complacent with my diet and exercise. “What’s eating 5 mini Reese’s at work... everyday?” “Ehh I’m tired I don’t feel like working out today” These are all things I have said in the past few weeks! All things that aren’t helping me live my best life either! I’m not a health freak. I love pizza and cookies. But I am a health conscious person. When I start feeling uncomfortable just thinking about being in a bathing suit, I know it’s time to make a few positive adjustments in my life!

I was sharing these thoughts with Del and she said “hey I’m feeling that way too! Let’s do this together!” So, my friends, this is where project come back is coming into play!

Neither of us think we are fat by any means, so please don’t take that away from this post. But both of us want to make a change! The beauty of this is that we are able to make positive changes in our lives and what could be more fun than doing this with your best friend!

So here’s our plan!

Both of us started reading Kelly LeVeque’s book, Body Love. Kelly breaks down nutrition in a very easy to read and relatable way! Her recipes are also very easy and don’t require a bunch of weird ingredients cause ain’t nobody got time for that!

Body Love Kelly LeVeque Review

Mel Here: I restarted Sarah’s Day Sweat It To Shred It ebook. I have done this once before and really loved it! I do get bored pretty easily (okay REALLY easily),  so I will probably rotate between my other favorite fitness youtubers! These are my home girls Katie Austin, Blogilates, Yoga with Adriene, and Danielle Peazer! I love working out at home!

Del Here: My plans consist of just being more consistent in whatever I am doing! I’m loving Kelly LeVeque’s book so far! As far as workouts go I’m trying to do Title Boxing a few days a week! In-between boxing days I have been working out at lunch and just getting my booty moving instead of sitting at my desk all day.

Body Love Kelly LeVeque Review Body Love Kelly LeVeque ReviewBody Love Kelly LeVeque Review

I also want to start a health journal. This will just be a way to express how my body is feeling after eating certain foods and what is currently motivating me. I am hoping this will be a good health plan to follow that works for my body. Del this is a bomb idea, I need to do this too! - Mel

We aren’t fitness bloggers and our life isn’t going to turn into that, but we thought hey other girls might feel this way too. Why not share the experience?!? If you wanna join project come back, tell us! The more girls supporting each other the better. It’s always a better feeling when we can cheer each other on!

Good vibes and let’s do this!

Mel and Del

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