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New DevaCurl Cut, New Mel

New DevaCurl Cut, New Mel


"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life." - Coco Chanel

Mel Here: Coco, you’re so right. There is something about getting a fresh haircut that just makes you feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world! Ya feel me? I just chopped 4-5 inches off my curly locks. Mostly because I hadn’t gotten a DevaCurl cut since.. June (oops!).


That being said this is the shortest I have ever had my hair and to tell you the truth I AM ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT! That wasn’t always the case for my past haircuts. Have you ever walked out of a salon feeling like a poodle? Hair too short? Triangle head? Let me tell you curly girl, I have been there. When I found out about DevaCurl cuts in high school, my life changed (okay maybe just my hair changed, but still). I want to save you from walking out of a haircut feeling like a poodle.


I have teamed up with my stylist Lauren Shoaf who is a DevaCurl Certified Curly Hair Specialist to bring you the process of a DevaCurl cut and the importance behind each step! Lauren is the real curly hair deal. She has been specializing in curly hair the past four years and has been educating other stylists on the DevaCurl process for two years now. You can check her out on her instagram profile Lo_shoo or on Alright now to the Devacut process!

Step 1: Talk It Out Before the scissors are even picked up, Lauren and I sit down to talk about what I want for my haircut. It’s like a mini consultation about my curls, how I want my hair to look, etc. Once the direction of the haircut has been established, the dry cut begins!

Step 2: The Dry Cut This is the most different step than a normal haircut. Sounds really weird I know, but this is the magic that makes DevaCurl cuts the best. Del here: This does sound weird, but I don’t have curly hair and I would NEVER question Mel when it comes to her advice about curly girl hair.

Coming from the curly hair expert, Lauren says, “A dry cut allows your hair to be cut with your curl type, density, and head shape in mind. When you cut the hair dry, you are cutting it where it lives, that way when my clients are at home they can easily recreate the same look with a simple air style. It allows for beautiful effortless shape.” Simple, effortless, and beautiful - a dry cut doesn’t sound so weird anymore eh?

Step 3: The Wash After the dry cut, we head over to the washing station! Lauren uses Devacurl’s Nopoo and OneCondition. Once we get to the conditioning phase, Lauren does a technique called “noodling” or “ribboning”. Ribboning is the act of detangling the hair with your fingers while conditioning it. It creates the look of a “ribbons” or “noodles” in your hair. “Using your fingers is overall safer for your hair because when your hair is wet it is A- more elastic and more easily susceptible to breakage and B-it helps your curls form their proper groupings. This step is what evenly moisturizes your hair which in turn eliminates frizz, adds shine, and bounce to your curls,” Lauren told me. In her opinion it is the most important step to styling curly hair!

Step 4: Style Time Next after rinsing out the conditioner, I flip my head over (so I’m awkwardly bent over the front of my body in the chair - beauty is pain- or awkwardness?). This is when Lauren puts DevaCurl’s Arc Angel styling gel on my hair. First, she uses her hands to glide the gel over my curls careful to not disturb the curl pattern. Then in an upward scrunching motion she evenly distributes the gel (she maybe does this 2-3 times). Then in that same scrunching motion she takes a microfiber towel to squeeze out the excess water.

Step 4: Dry It Out The curls are feeling wonderfully refreshed at this point. I sit under the hair dryer for about 15 minutes. Then Lauren diffuses my hair until it is completely dry. My curls are slightly crunchy now, because the DevaCurl gel creates a cast around the curls to prevent frizz. After the locks are totally dry, Lauren scrunches out the crunch. This leaves my curls pliable and soft, yet they hold their shape.

Step 5: Final Face Framing Pieces By this step, I am smiling ear to ear seeing my curls come back to life! Lauren will do another once over look of my hair and typically cut a few more curls to frame my face. This step might be last, but it is incredibly important. This step finalizes the cut and solidifies the face framing curls.


Curly ladies, I really hope that this was helpful for you! I really do believe that this way of cutting my hair has helped it look and feel the best! If you need a little more convincing Lauren reiterates that “A Devacut helps curly girls do less work at home fluffing their hair to achieve a shape. It gives beautiful equally distributed curls a bouncy personal chosen style. Lastly, Devacuts grow out true to shape as opposed to becoming triangular.” Again this highlights how getting a DevaCurl cut makes taking care of your easier! Remember what Coco said and you might just change your life after getting a DevaCurl cut. 

Love, curls, and good vibes,

Mel & Del

p.s I am not being sponsored, paid, etc for this post. I actually just love DevaCurl cuts and Lauren rocks!


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