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The Chronicles of Mel and Del -- Our New Blog Adventure!

The Chronicles of Mel and Del -- Our New Blog Adventure!


It’s official, Mel and Del are starting a blog!

Where do we begin? Let’s flashback to June of this past summer. Mel moved to Colorado and Del was living it up in Indiana.


Del Here: A few weekends into the move, Mel came back to Indy for a family party. Afterwards it was time for a night out on the town! And by night out on the town, I mean hitting up the Broad Ripple strip and shutting down Rock Lobster (Indy people out there understand the importance of this detail)!

Living across the country from your best friend is a buzzkill, but the biggest worry on my mind was how I was going to dress myself everyday without Mel’s closet at my fingertips.Our two closets became one the past five years we lived together. In the gleam of the neon Miller Lite sign we were sitting under, the idea for this blog popped into my head!

Rock Lobster

I often come up with fun and adventurous plans for us when we are out and about, and I didn’t want it to actually be a dud in the AM like most. When I woke up and still felt like I was onto something and I need to tell Mel at brunch.

Idea: Let’s still share our clothes! We would send our clothes back and forth, giving us the benefit of still having two closets. And this blog? We can turn this into something bigger and better by doing the things we love together: Taking pictures, talking to people, and loving on some good fashion! Even if we are living 1,000 miles apart.

Mel Here: In between bites of my egg white omelet (jk it was definitely a beer biscuit, cheesy egg sandwich), I listened to Del’s idea. She started speaking and I started nodding. Then, together, we started planning! NOW WE ARE HERE - WRITING THE FIRST POST- PUTTING IT OUT INTO THE WORLD! And we couldn’t be happier to share this with you!

So what should you look out for? We will be posting every free minute we can, clothes adventures, and lifestyle blog posts and Instagrams for you to follow along with! Do we love being creative and connecting with new friends? YES! So come join along with us. We promise there will be good laughs, great style, and big adventures!

Good vibes, Mel & DelMelandDel


C'mon Ladies, Suit Up

C'mon Ladies, Suit Up