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My First Juice Cleanse Experience

My First Juice Cleanse Experience


What Is The Hype Around Juice Cleanses? 

Hi Friends,

**I are by no means medical professionals! Please talk with your doctor before jumping into a Juice Cleanse. This is just my first hand experience with one.**

Back Story

I have never been one for fad diets as I don’t think that they are very sustainable. I was in an upcoming wedding and was just slightly concerned about my dress fitting! The dress was back home in Chicago so I also had no way of trying it on and I wouldn’t have that chance until the day before. Alterations were not a possibility.

So I started my health kick two weeks out and made sure I was eating clean and working out. One of my friends had done a juice cleanse before and wanted to do it again. She told me I should jump on board and do it with her so I thought why not! I love going to juice bars every now and then so I wasn’t too concerned about jumping into this for a few days.

I decided to do the 3 day juice cleanse from Natural Born Juicers in downtown Indianapolis with two of my girlfriends the week of the wedding and these are my overall thoughts on it!

Juice Cleanse Pros and Cons

Should I Do A Juice Cleanse?


I lost some weight, my skin cleared up, I never felt like I was starving over the 3 days, I fit into my dress (Thank goodness!), the juices were really good, and I felt like I accomplished a task accomplished a task that I was worried I didn't have the will power to reach. Side note, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do this because of other people telling me it’s hard and the fact that I love food so much!


It is hard to sustain this type of weight lose. I DO NOT suggest this if it’s all for the weight lose because to be honest, you will probably quickly gain some of the weight back your first few meals you eat again.

I think there are several benefits to doing something like this though! For you, if you are trying to kick start a healthy eating lifestyle, this will help detox the sugars and yucky processed food out of you quickly so you can begin to eat healthier for all your full meals. During all this however, don’t look at the scale! That number is not what this should be about. This is about detoxing the body and to begin putting healthy, unprocessed foods into your system.

TMI but another benefit is it really clears you out, if you know what I mean! If you are feeling clogged up (lol this made me laugh typing) and having issues going to the bathroom, a juice cleanse can help get your system flowing once again. Score!

Advice For During the Cleanse

  1. Try to eat healthy a few days before you start the cleanse. I did this and felt like I wasn’t craving sugars or junk food throughout the three days.
  2. Drink double the amount of water as you are drinking juice. Water is very important during all of this and you need to keep your body hydrated.
  3. Have some crackers handy! Don’t kill yourself over this cleanse. If you are truly feeling starving, grab some crackers and munch on them for a bit. On day 2 in the evening, I had 2 GG Crackers -- Thanks Skinny Confidential for the Rec. 
  4. Keep yourself busy! I did mine on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (aka during work) and this was good because I was busy all day and didn’t have time to think about pizza. At night, I made sure I was busy as well, going on a walk, etc. to keep my mind on other things.
  5. Don’t do any crazy, insane workouts during the cleanse! Again, I am no medical professional but knowing you are lacking some essentials in your body for working out you won’t have the same energy you usually do for a workout. Going on a walk was easy and still kept my body moving during the cleanse.
  6. LOVE YOURSELF! No matter what you are beautiful and powerful and amazing the way you are. Again the number on a scale does not matter, and this should really be a reason to cleanse your body of some bad and keep you healthy.

If you are wanting to try a juice cleanse and have more questions for me, reach out! I would love to talk with you about it.

Love you all! Good Vibes and Healthy, Happy Living,


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