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You Got a Man? We Got Your Gift Guide!

You Got a Man? We Got Your Gift Guide!


Honey, Dad,Brother, Etc. Gift Guide

Okay ladies, Mel and Del are here to help! When it comes to the hardest part of the holiday season, shopping for the man in your life, we have you covered. Not only did we put together our great minds and creative souls to create some gift ideas for you to buy your man, but we went to the men themselves for some help!

Our two boyfriends, and a great guy friend of ours, gave us some insight into what the men are wanting this holiday season. Let’s jump right in!

Get your guy some undies:

Are you a couple that likes to match? MeUndies is a brand that creates soft, comfy underwear for your man (and you!) So even if he’s not into the “His and Her’ outfits, no one will know you two are matching underneath it all (wink, wink!) Also disregard this one for your Dad or Bro cause that's weird.

Shop Sennheiser for headphones that won’t break the bank:

When it comes to headphones, apply the inverse rule, if he has a pair of in-ear headphones, get over-the-ears (and vice versa). Sennheiser has world renowned quality at price that won't require financing. Bose obviously makes awesome headphones, especially their Quiet Comfort noise canceling line. 

Regarding bluetooth speakers, size does matter:

BlueTooth Speakers: Harmon Kardon makes a great speaker at a great value. Klipsch can also rock a room at a fair price. Plus, as long as you don’t have a flip phone, you can pair up and benefit from this gift too.

Ties and Pockets squares that look good and do good:

If your man wears formal wear often, a good tie and pocket square combo is a great idea. Make sure you get him a color he doesn't already have, but still matches the 'style' of ties he already owns. Knotty Tie Co. is a Denver based company making unique ties and pocket squares from a recycled plastic fabric. All of their products are made here in the USA. Not to mention the company is centered around a social mission to better the lives of refugees in Denver. Need we say more?

The gift that keeps on giving:

Apple TV! While he might use this to play video games and watch too many sports, you can binge watch gossip girl and get your fitness on with all the workout programs. Clearly this is the best of both worlds! A gift for him, a little bit of a gift for you. It’s a win-win. 

For the Entrepreneurial Type:

4 hour work week is an easy, meaningful read about how to consolidate tasks and make more money doing less. YES, WE SAID WITH DOING LESS. Are you hooked? Your man will be too - check it out here.

Coffee Over Clothes:

How about some Quality Handmade Leather Goods? Can’t you just hear your man saying, “Yeah I will take one of those (or 12).” CrookedStick Leather has a whole slew of handsewn leather goods ranging from coffee mugs for the coffee connoisseur  to passport holders for the traveling type. See below for the coffee mug we both have and love! 

If you ever get stuck, just ask yourself the two questions, "would he like this" and "would he buy this for himself". If the answer is yes and no (in that order), then you've found your gift. If you’re still stuck, click over to It’s a digital magazine for men with everything and anything dudes would want for Christmas (or anytime of the year).

So what are the next steps? Grab your credit card, get to shopping, and don’t stress on the wrapping once it arrives!  While the wrapping is important to us ladies, your man won’t mind a simple bag without the glitz.

Good Vibes & Happy Shopping,

Mel & Del

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