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Friend Feature Recap #3: Lets Get You Inspired!

Friend Feature Recap #3: Lets Get You Inspired!


Women Supporting Women is Everything! 

We love this friend feature recap because of the unique personalities of each of these kickass ladies. From books to current motivations to current style trends they are loving, this recap will leave you feeling inspired to try something new this weekend! 

Julie Strauser

friendship and motivational

What are you reading right now?

I just started reading "Me Talk Pretty One Day" by David Sedaris. It's a collection of short essays. I've heard about how funny he is and so far it's true!

If you are having a shitty day, what do you do to cheer yourself up?

If I'm having a bad day, first, I cry it out! I am a huge fan of crying and feel so much better after. After I let it out, I usually face time my mom or a best friend. I can always count on my mom to calm me down and take my mind off of what's bothering me. Then, I watch one of my favorite TV shows to cheer myself up. Right now, I'm really into Seinfeld!

What makes you feel inspired?

In my life I've felt the most inspiration after watching live performances (musicals, operas, music groups) where I've felt the performer wasn't performing anymore, but rather expressing an inner truth about life. Being a performer myself (I sing opera and musical theater), I really appreciate other artists and always try to learn from them. When I see a show that inspires me I feel an energy high that I can't find anywhere else and I also cry like a baby so that's always interesting. I guess this is how I know I'm in the right career track!

Kristen Koehl 

Mental Health Awareness From The Inside Mental Health Awareness From The Inside

What is your current go to outfit and why?

My current go to outfit is jeans, booties with no heel and a sweater. Obviously add some accessories and you look SO put together and it's almost effortless and very comfy! This is what I usually wear to class and it makes you feel confident but not uncomfortable. To accessorize, I either go with a longer fun necklace OR I put on a simple short necklace and add some fun dangly earrings. There's just so much you can do with one pair of jeans, boots, and the same sweater to make it look so different each time you wear it!

What’s your favorite trend / style right now?

My favorite trend right now is 1) jumpsuits and 2) embroidered jeans!!!! I LOVE my embroidered jeans (the same ones as Del hehe). They are so fun for spring and summer! They go with so much because they are still jeans and make any plain ol' colored, black, white shirt look so much better! So many ways to wear them also!! I also LOVE jumpsuits. So freaking easy to throw on and look amazing and comfortable! They are a little hard to find because I'm so short /: BUT my mom is amazing and hems them for me lol. 

What are you reading right now?

With school being so busy, I hardly ever get free time to do what my heart desires which kind of stinks. THANKFULLY that's almost over. I actually really enjoy reading trashy romance novels LOL. So currently. I'm reading the new John Green book "Turtles all the Way Down" and then next I plan on reading a book called "Dreamland" that's all about the opioid epidemic. Yes, the pharmacist/nerd in me is showing BUT I've heard it is a very interesting read! I will keep you all updated in the slight chance anyone is interested. Also plan on reading "When Breath Becomes Air" about a surgeon who gets diagnosed with cancer. Obviously, I enjoy very depressing books sometimes. But also have heard great things! So in my free time, I do like to escape into books but with school and so much reading and studying for that, it's hard for me to read for fun during school. So reading is usually saved for summertime! During the school year I watch A LOT of netflix. I watch shows from Grey's Anatomy to The Originals to Ozark to Game of Thrones. Anything that anyone tells me is good, I give it a try! As long as drama is involved, I'm totally in!

Taylore Fox

friendship and motivationalfriendship and motivational

What does girls supporting girls look like to you?

Girls supporting girls is about empowering those ladies in your life to make decisions about their bodies, careers, families- really the list goes on!!

What makes you super pumped and excited about life?

Current daily motivation!- graduating in less than two months with my masters keeps motivated (and nervous because i don’t have a job yet). Buuuuut current daily motivation is the sun and hoping that warm weather is near.

What makes you feel inspired?

So many people and things!! My mom, my gal pals, and the activism surrounding reproductive justice, just to name a few!

What are you reading right now?

I love Kurt Vonnegut, so i just started reading the sirens of titan! But up next on my list include Beloved by Toni Morrison, and 1984 and Animal Farm by George Orwell.


Are these ladies not the best! We are feeling more and more inspired as these friend features go on, and we hope you are as well! 

Good vibes and girls supporting girls,

Mel & Del

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