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FRIEND FEATURE RECAP #2: How to get yourself motivated

FRIEND FEATURE RECAP #2: How to get yourself motivated


Feeling Pretty Damn Inspired

FRIENDS HOW AWESOME ARE THESE LADIES!? We think they are defintiely kicking some ass and taking names. After reading this recap you might find yourself motivated to take a trip to the thrift store, go to a boxing class, and pick up a new cook book!


Kaley Eakle friendship and motivational

Daily motivation? Right now I have found this love for working out at 6am before the work day. It's not to shabby watching Del next to me pounding on a heavy bag @ our boxing classes. It really starts your day off right and you feel like you have SO much more time to get things done after work. Plus now I can skip the coffee!

Things that drive You  UP THE WALL:  Wow. There is truly nothing worse than seeing people on their phone when they are outside on a hike or more importantly at dinner with a group of people/family or friends. I just really hate that everyone is living within their screen, we need to stop being "alone" together. To me it's immaturity, if we give people our respect and undivided attention I promise the places the conversations will take you are more meaningful and exciting. LIVE IN THE MOMENT, your experiences are more memorable and enjoyable when you're not watching it happen through your snapchat/instagram camera.

What do you do in your free time? My free time is almost entirely devoted to my dog, Kai. I'm obsessed with him. He has fit in with my active lifestyle so well and has taught me so much about myself. We are always off hiking somewhere - he's anxiously awaiting swim weather - and every waking minute he makes me laugh. He's a good man!

friendship and motivational friendship and motivational


Anafriendship and motivational friendship and motivational

What are you currently reading? Alison Roman’s new-ish cookbook Dining In, and this month’s issue of Bon Appetit.

If you’re having a bad day, what do you do to cheer yourself up? I have no novel techniques for dealing with a bad day. But going to the gym, even if it’s for an easy 20 minute low intensity workout, usually helps.  Sometimes I’ll treat myself to a fresh mani pedi, or I’ll go to Nordstrom and buy a fun new lipstick. If I’ve had a particularly bad week I’ll splurge on a nice dinner alone, at a new restaurant I’ve been wanting to try.  If all else fails I’ll pick up the phone and call a friend or family member; it reminds me that I’m never alone, even when I’m really struggling.

Favorite Tunes?  I’m really all over the charts when it comes to music preferences, and my favorites change like the seasons. All time favorites would be ‪Fleetwood Mac‬, ‪Phil Collins‬, ‪Usher‬ (circa 97’-2004) John Molenkamp, and What shit drives you crazy? Houston traffic and unmade beds.

Trend I’m loving right now? Suits! I feel like I’ve been seeing a lot of suits recently and I’m loving it. Especially all white or brightly colored ones. Bonus points for a long lapel and wide leg trousers. Also love that the color red is everywhere right now. It’s my favorite color.


NICOLEfriendship and motivational friendship and motivational friendship and motivational

What’s your favorite trend/style right now? This year I have been all about second hand stores and clothing, I’ve been finding the best finds! To me, the search is rewarding and I always find things that are so different and I don’t see on anyone else. I love to think that each piece I find has a little story to it and I’m just continuing its journey. Cheesy, but it makes it fun for me since I’m normally not a huge shopper. I have a specific style in my head that I look for and love things to look more worn and vintage so you bet your butt you’ll find me at Goodwill on a rainy Saturday morning, listening to my headphones, searching for the perfect pair of jeans that I can take home and rip up and customize. Also they have a great used book section which is also perfect for me since I’m a bookworm.

What inspires you? I’m lucky enough to interact with a lot of extremely talented local artists around the Chicago area that inspire the heck out of me! Musicians, painters, writers, photographers, bloggers, singers, creators, they all inspire me immensely. That energy is very contagious and I am so thankful for it. I also seek out inspiration on instagram- I follow a lot of people that create comics about daily life that are hilarious and inspire a lot of my writing.

What makes you excited about life? I get excited pretty easily about life in general! I love the idea of me taking a year to go abroad. I’m excited to get a dog and a cat of my own someday. I’m excited to move closer to a city. I’m excited my friends are all doing beautiful and unique things with their lives. I’m excited to try new food! I’m excited to photograph others doing what they love. I’m excited for all the songs I haven’t heard and all the books I’ve yet to read. I could go on and on.

Being able to share such important people in our lives with you all- literally makes our hearts do a happy dance! We hope that they are as inspiring and motivating to you as they are to us! 

Good vibes and girls supporting girls

Mel & Del

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