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Do you ever read the ingredient list on your cosmetics?

This is something I (Mel) have definitely gotten better at over the years, because of my hair (I’m a curly girl physco). But I’m still learning when it comes to cosmetics.


Beautycounter is an incredible brand that is revolutionizing the beauty industry. They take the guesswork out of reading labels. Beautycounter has a whole glossary section on their website, so you never have to wonder what 1,2-Hexanediol is ever again! (Its a solvent btw.) Not only do they have a complete glossary, they also have a ‘Never List’. These are ingredients that you will never find in their products. There are over 1,500 chemicals on this list. I’m definitely pretty nerdy when it comes to reading labels, but I also really believe that we should know what is going on our face everyday!

Our friend Anna Dolezal introduced us to Beautycounter. She is a huge advocate for the brand and is super knowledgeable! We interviewed her to find out what sparked her Beautycounter journey!

1. What first drew you into Beautycounter?

I first found Beautycounter after I changed my birth control, and my skin FREAKED OUT! Before the change, I would get an occasional break out, but this was bad, painful cystic acne that would last forever. I was introduced to Beautycounter at my gym, and gave it a shot because they had a few products containing charcoal, which I had been curious about. That day I bought a cleanser, facial oil, and a mask- and I am not joking when I say it completely transformed my skin. Around the same time, I started having issues with my thyroid. This was when I learned about parabens. Parabens are a group of compounds that are used as preservatives in many, many skin care products. Parabens mimic hormones in your body, and have been linked to breast cancer. At this point, my hormones were so out of whack from a birth control change, and my thyroid having issues that I didn’t need anything I was putting on my skin to be harming me anymore.

2. What made you want to start selling their products?

I am not exaggerating when I say Beautycounter changed my skin. It changed the texture, it was more even and brighter, and it was the only thing helping my breakouts at 

the time. When I started to learn more about the company, I realized just how many horrible chemicals are in most skin care products. The Personal Care industry is largely unregulated- there has not been a piece of legislation passed since 1938 pertaining to the industry. Europe bans 1,400 chemicals from their products, the US bans 30. When you start getting into the facts, it’s really scary what we put on our skin, which ultimately finds its way into our bloodstream. I wanted to start selling Beautycounter because I loved finding high performing products that were safe, and it was important to me to share what I had learned about how harmful other products can be.

3.What are your favorite products right now?

Skincare: I never want to live in a world without Beautycounter’s brightening face oil. I also love our charcoal bar, and we just launched a line for acne prone skin that I am loving!

4.What does your skincare routine look like?

Morning: charcoal bar to wash my face, followed by Brightening Face Oil- followed by all Beautycounter Makeup

Evening: remove my makeup with Beautycounter make up remover, rejuvenating cleanser, rejuvenating serum, either brightening oil or cleansing balm to sleep in

5. What is your favorite/ least favorite thing about running your own business?

My favorite part is sharing everything I’ve learned and seeing people make some better choices. I also love when people try Beautycounter products and become believers because of how well the products work! I also love that I get to try so many different products... I really have become a product junkie

Least favorite part is trying to navigate the marketing piece. When I decided to become a consultant, I was adamant that I would not become one of the people you see blasting their products all over social media and sending people they don’t talk to DM’s. While I am SO glad that after a year I’m still not doing that, it does make my business a bit slow moving. I just decided from the beginning that I wanted to have natural, organic conversations with people that were more focused about the performance and safety of the products, rather than pushing and trying to make a sale.

Like we said super knowledgeable right?! We love her passion for knowing the ingredients that are in our cosmeticsa. Anna was kind enough to gift us some products.  Here are our favorites!


Mel’s Picks: The sheer lipstick and the charcoal cleansing bar! I have the color Terra which is an earthy pink tone and perfect for everyday wear.  The Charcoal face wash leaves my face squeaky clean, but not dry at all which is super important in Colorado!

Del’s Pick: The countersun mineral sunscreen and the nourishing eye cream! I used the sunscreen allllll summer long on my face and did NOT break out once! The eye cream I apply three times a week in the morning. Always use your ring finger when applying eye cream!

If you are feeling like you are in need of some Beautycounter products, we have social room set up for the next 10 days! Anyone who orders is entered to win a free product from Anna!

Read your labels and Good vibes,

Mel and Del

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