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That Glow Though! Intelligent Elixirs Skincare Essentials

That Glow Though! Intelligent Elixirs Skincare Essentials


One of my favorite self-care rituals has become my skincare routine. We know that everyone and their mother is talking about skincare. Well, sister, it’s because it’s important. You only get one face in this life and I’m trying to keep mine vibrant!

But seriously my attitude has changed so much from freshman year of college where I would wear make-up to cover-up my skin. I felt like I needed it to even out my skin tone. Little did I know that putting on pore-clogging make-up wasn’t going to magically make my pimples go away. Now, at 25 I like the simplest makeup paired with a little more extensive skincare routine. My skin is my base.

Del and I are always on the hunt for great products. We especially love great products that have been founded by badass women. Enter Intelligent Elixirs into our lives!

Intelligent Elixirs is a Denver based skincare company that was founded by the two awesome ladies, Cat and Mary. Both of them have over 36+ years of combined experience in creating skincare and cosmetics in the professional skincare market. This market includes plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and aestheticians. They are the real deal, sisters.

The co-founders of Intelligent Elixirs, Cat and Mary

The co-founders of Intelligent Elixirs, Cat and Mary

We interviewed them about their careers and what made skincare tick for them. Part of what drove them into this industry is the potential to make someone’s everyday better. When they recieve heart-warming emails like the one below, they know they are truly making a difference.

"I've been using your line every day for about a month now and I can't even begin to tell you how much my skin has improved. I feel so confident without makeup. I truly regret not taking a before photo but it’s definitely helped clear my skin up. This is the ONLY line I've ever tried that has helped that I feel comfortable putting on my skin.”

We love that they take the time to read these types of emails and share them with others.

Pure Squalane Oil

Pure Squalane Oil

Since December I have been using their Vitamin B-5 Hydrating Serum, Antioxidant Moisturizer, Vitamin C Serum, and Pure Squalane oil. ALL of these products have been saving my skin from the dry Denver winter. Not only do the products work incredibly well, they also have great ingredients. Cat and Mary saw a need in the marketplace for high performing skincare without all of the fillers. They told us, “Often times products in the professional marketplace use ingredients that are not beneficial to the skin, for example, PEG’s, GMO’s, DEA’s, parabens, sulfates and synthetic fragrances & colors.  Additionally they are incredibly expensive. We recognized the growing movement for clinical skincare products that were more accessible, easy to use, with clean formulations that deliver results, but at a reasonable price point. More expensive does not always mean better.”

You hear that ladies? That stuff that costs like $300 for .5oz,  doesn’t always mean it’s better! This is why skincare education is so important. Be cautious about what type of chemicals are going on your skin. We love Intelligent Elixirs’ dedication to using high quality ingredients while still maintaining an affordable price.

We all know anti-aging products are #trendy right now and we might be starting to get some little wrinkles (not complaining, but just saying!). Cat and Mary both said their #1 product they can’t live without is the 15% Vitamin C Anti-aging Serum. From the two ladies behind the brand, “It promotes collagen, reduces the appearances of fine lines, brightens skin tone, and protects from free radical damage.”  I’ll do just about anything to keep my face looking youthful which is why I pat the Vitamin C Serum onto my face and neck every morning.

A few other Intelligent Elixirs’ products Del and I are LOVING:  

Pure Squalane Oil: This stuff is incredibly hydrating. I put it all over my face after my moisturizer. Another hack is that I put it on my lips before I put on my chapsitck at night. The result? No dry, cracked winter lips. Also this stuff is a STEAL. Only $16.

Vitamin b-5 Hydrating Serum: Colorado brings dryness to a WHOLE other level. This serum has helped keep my skin looking supple. Mary said that this is one of her go-tos because it helps prevent transepidermal (TEWL). Which just means water loss from your skin.  

Tinted Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Tinted Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Tinted Broad Spectrum SPF 30: This is our go-to easy make-up ‘no makeup’ look. For the days you can’t be bothered to put on a full face, put this baby on after your moisturizer for an evened out complexion.

Total Eye Repair: Dark circles under my eyes are my absolute least favorite thing. I’m not sure why, but I am often drawn to this instantly on my face. Good sleep or not, having a product like this, not only hydrates under my eyes, but helps reduce the dark circles. I use it before bed every night and before putting on moisturizer every morning.

You can check out the rest of the Intelligent Elixir’s proudcts here!

We couldn’t help asking these two very successful boss babes if they had advice for any of us just starting out:

“Be bold, be responsible and always be open to learning.  When you are first getting started in a career there is so much to learn.  Even the small tasks the seem unimportant will add value and give you a better foundation to build on.  The more you know and learn the more valuable you will be. Also, it takes a little time, it doesn’t happen overnight so be patience with yourself.”

This is a gold nugget of advice. Especially since instagram makes it look like everyone is an overnight success. It’s okay to take time in your career. Something I have been really embracing lately is all the things I DON’T know. It’s okay to not know things, it’s not okay act like you know everything. Learning is a chance for growth. And like Cat and Mary said, “The more you know and learn the more valuable you will be.”

Boss Ladies, skincare, and some incredible career advice. What more could we ask for? Oh! Don’t forget to check out the giveaway on our instagram page!

Vitamin C and good vibes,

Mel & Del

Thank you student loans!

Thank you student loans!