The Ladies Behind The Name


After meeting at Butler University when we were 18, we became instant friends. Every college memory, good and bad, were spent together! 6 years of friendship and sharing closets meant major separation anxiety when Delanie was still in the Midwest and Mel moved out West to Denver. This separation lead to Del having too many Tito drinks one night and coming up with a damn good idea for a blog!

 We are currently living 1,003 miles a part, and sharing our closets back and forth, thank you UPS, like we never left each others sides. So what’s in it for you? 

We want to show how you can mix and match your wardrobe. There is always more than one way to wear an outfit and who has the money to only buy one piece of clothing for one occasion? We will be sending our favorite pieces back and forth to one another, showing outfits that can be worn from Chicago to Denver, to anywhere else you readers are from! You will also find some lifestyle and adventure posts as we try and figure out these 20 something years of our lives. 

Getting through our days with coffee, comfy clothes, FaceTime, and some damn good vibes — hit us up, we can’t wait to chat!
— Mel and Del


mel and del